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Global Acceptance

Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing is a Vacuum Test Method specifically designed to test all types of containment sumps and spill buckets.  The test only takes 60 seconds and uses No water, creates Zero waste.  (Trademarks and Patent-pending US and all foreign). In the first 100 working days after the NWGLDE Work Group evaluated and published Dri-sump, 42 States accepted Dri-sump as a viable test method for sump and spill buckets! It has passed all EPA 3rd party testing conducted by Ken Wilcox Associates with 100% accuracy. The remaining 8 States are completing updates to their regulations and are reviewing the technical data. We expect great results very soon! Here are the current States accepting Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing


44 & counting!

States accepting first 100 days

Other States are reviewing at this time and we expect all acceptance very soon!



NUMBER OF facilities

Across the US, there are over 180,000 fueling facilities to be tested now. That’s over two million sumps and spill buckets.


All 50 States

Certified Dri-sump testers

Dri-sump testers are stratigecially located across the US to quickly test your fueling locations.