Our Story

Our Story - Serving Since 1985

ACCENT started 33 years ago.  Danny Brevard, P.G. has been the sole creator and owner of ACCENT since 1985.  He is known for finding simple answers to complex problems and “changing the rules” with these straightforward solutions. 

Dri-sump Containment Tightness Testing was developed over a period of 5 years.  In late 2014, Danny Brevard and his sons, Eric and David began to explore the problems of testing sumps and spill buckets.  The industry was not happy with all the water needed to do a hydrostatic test.  Contaminated water is a serious environmental problem. The annual use required over 156 million gallons of water to test sumps.  The annual cost was almost ¼ Billion Dollars to remediate this amount of contaminated water according to EPA data. 

So, the work began.  The result was miraculous!  Dri-sump came into being and was successfully tested to extremely stringent EPA 3rd party testing conducted by Ken Wilcox Associates.  This patented test method was evaluated by the National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations and published as an accepted method for secondary and spill containment January 31, 2019.  In less than 100 working days, 42 states accepted the method.  The rest are now under review and we expect great results very soon! 


In the same amount of working days, Dri-sump Testers were strategically placed all across the United States.  Dri-sump Associates are now ready to serve fuel distribution owners before the impending 3-year deadlines for sump and spill bucket testing!

You don’t realize what you have done for owners!
— — President of State Convenience Store Association