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Our Mission:

No Water.

Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing uses No Water, creates Zero Waste…and the test is 60 seconds. Never lose another fuel customer!


How it Works…

Dri-sump® uses Aerosol Elixir™, a heavy vapor aerosol instead of water to quickly test all sumps and spill buckets. The test method requires filling the entire containment sump with heavy vapor aerosol (fog) (takes about 10 seconds for a 250-gallon sump). The aerosol is made from a proprietary formula of chemicals which are all food grade, pH neutral, non-petroleum based, and safe. The heavy vapor aerosol is simply introduced into the sump and then using vacuum an air generator "pulls" the soil gases from around the sump into a viewing chamber.

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Global Acceptance

Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing is a Vacuum Test Method specifically designed to test all types of containment sumps and spill buckets.  The test only takes 60 seconds and uses No water, creates Zero waste.  (Trademarks and Patent-pending US and all foreign). In the first 100 working days after the NWGLDE Work Group evaluated and published Dri-sump, 42 States accepted Dri-sump as a viable test method for sump and spill buckets! It has passed all EPA 3rd party testing conducted by Ken Wilcox Associates with 100% accuracy. The remaining 8 States are completing updates to their regulations and are reviewing the technical data. We expect great results very soon! Above are the current States accepting Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing


44 & counting!

States accepting first 100 days

Other States are reviewing at this time and we expect all acceptance very soon!



NUMBER OF facilities

Across the US, there are over 180,000 fueling facilities to be tested now. That’s over two million sumps and spill buckets.


All 50 States

Certified Dri-sump testers

Dri-sump testers are stratigecially located across the US to quickly test your fueling locations.



The deadline for testing is fast approaching. We don’t want you to be left behind. Contact Dri-sump Associates now to visit about testing your fueling locations.


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Dri-sump Testing Associates are located throughout the United States to meet all your testing needs. We can easily take care of all the details for you. Contact us via email, text or phone now for more information.

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Many tankowners have their own maintenance personnel. If you wish to do your own testing, contact us directly for information about equipment and tester certification.

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See what others are saying about Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing

“…Yes, please send me what info you have, this would be a home run!”  -  State Convenience Store Association

“This is what we want for our sites…”  -  Major Convenience Store Owner (over 800 locations)

“If I owned tanks, I would use this method…”  -  State Agency Inspector

“You don’t realize what you have done for owners!”  -  President of State Convenience Store Association

“ This is going to change everything…”  -  Major Convenience Store Owner (over 500 locations)

“…testers laying on their belly creates dangerous liability for me.”  -  Major Convenience Store Owner (over 500 locations)

“Hydro-testing takes too long.  This is so simple and fast”  -  Major Contractor and Testing Company

“I can’t find any reason not to test with Dri-sump!”  -  Convenience Store Owner (over 100 locations)

“ I didn’t believe it until I saw it work!”  -  Large Testing Company Owner

“Finally, something simple and it doesn’t affect with my fuel customers.”  -  Convenience Store Owner (over 65 locations)

“Oh sure, I really want to go back to the old water testing…are you kidding me?”  -  Large Contractor and Testing Company President

“I work for a service company and could see the potential for this to both make my job easier.”  -  Licensed Tester

“We are wanting to get set up so we can do our own testing.”  Large Tankowner and Convenience Store Owner (over 75 locations)

“I want to perform this testing within my fuel maintenance department instead of contracting it out.”  -  Major Tank and Store Owner (over 1000 locations)

“We are interested in learning more and seeing the demo next month.”  Large West Coast Testing Company

Dri-sump® is the only test you need.  It’s radically different from anything you have ever experienced.  It’s very fast, effective, safe and…

 you NEVER lose a Fuel Customer.



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Time is always short when you think about compliance testing. Don’t miss your deadlines and subject yourself to penalties and fines. Contact Dri-sump today to visit about scheduling the only sump and spill bucket test that uses no water and is so fast, you never lose a fueling customer!


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