Dri-sump® Testing Associates

The Dri-sump™ equipment was specifically designed to test all types of containment sumps and spill buckets. The method uses no water, creates no waste and can be conducted in 60 seconds or less.

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This method can quickly and safely test any open or closed top containment sump or tank, storage vessel, vault, or any other type containment to 0.10gph standard with no waste by-products and without water.

Testing with heavy gases and/or vapor aerosols has been an industry standard in locating leaks in underground utility lines, clean rooms, aircraft fuselages, biological containment cabinetry and more.

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(EPA 3rd Party Certification available)

Dri-sump™ uses Aerosol Elixir™, a heavy vapor aerosol instead of water to quickly test all sumps and spill buckets. The test method requires filling the entire containment sump with heavy vapor aerosol (takes about 10-15 seconds for a 250-gallon sump). The aerosol is made from a proprietary formula of chemicals which are all food grade, pH neutral, non-petroleum based, and safe. The heavy vapor aerosol is simply introduced into the sump and then an air generator "pulls" the soil gases from around the sump into a viewing chamber.


A laser is introduced into the viewing chamber. If a leak is detected, the tester will see a laser line that looks like a "green laser line". If no leak is detected, the laser merely makes a "dot". The test is only 60 seconds or less. The heavy vapor aerosol dissipates in about 5 to 10 minutes.


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